GDPR Statement

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective on 25 May 2018. It contains significant requirements concerning the protection of personal data that impact Logix Services Ltd, many of our customers and suppliers. Logix is committed to complying with GDPR, as we are with all applicable laws and regulations. As a provider of IT solutions, protecting data and maintaining the trust of those who have provided said data, is especially important to us.

Any data we collect is on a voluntary basis and on the understanding that we do not share this data without prior consent. The information we store directly relates to services provided, namely contact information such as name, address and telephone numbers for registration and billing purposes, most of which is covered under the GDPR compliance of our suppliers.

Suppliers such as Microsoft, Sophos & Symantec which require personal information of our clients for billing and licensing purposes have their own statements available in the links below:

Microsoft:                us/trustCenter/privacy/gdpr

Any information provided to Logix Services Ltd is not used for marketing or research purposes except within Logix Services Ltd. We will never divulge any personal or sensitive information relating to our clients or suppliers to anyone without prior written consent of the relevant parties.
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