We are able to get most parts to repair your IT equipment.

Repair, Not Replace

Culture changes fast. Not long ago, there was an avid repair industry and a strong mentality of 'make do and mend'. But today's society, most of the equipment we use is designed for a limited life time. After that you just throw it away and buy a new one. But today's throw-away society is putting a strain on our planet, not to mention our wallets.
We can source most spare parts and have the skills to fit them. From very large plotters to a power supply for a PC we can usually find the part needed.

This can save you money and time trying to source a new unit.


Better for the planet

Repairing equipment saves on manufacturing resources and lowers the carbon footprint we are putting out.
Humans move more of the earth's rocks and sediments around than any other beast or being. We're changing the shape of our planet, significantly.

Modern gadgets like smartphones require a range of different metals and rare earth minerals which are found across the world. These are often mined in parts of the developing world where labour and environmental standards are less than ideal.
Lets all do our part and try to repair faulty equipment rather than buy the latest.