Server Solutions

Installation, maintenance. management and virtualisation.

Server Support and Maintenance

Logix maintains strong relationships with all of the major server hardware vendors including Dell and HP, supporting and maintaining all major Windows-based server operating systems.

Being small business specialists, we can configure servers to maximise productivity and performance enabling remote working and mobile access, including familiarity with all major backup software packages and solutions in use today.

We work with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server technologies.

We can specify, install and maintain the most appropriate and cost-effective server solution for your business. Server cover is included in all of our IT support packages.

IT Support for Servers

  • Server monitoring
  • Server support via remote access
  • System backup monitoring
  • Server hardware maintenance and upgrades
  • Server operating system updates
  • User profile administration
  • Security enforcement and administration
  • Remote access administration
  • User activity monitoring
  • Email server maintenance and administration
  • SQL server maintenance and administration

Server Virtualisation

Virtualisation allows you to potentially run several “virtual” servers on one physical server, effectively reducing your hardware and energy overheads.

For example, a company may have three physical servers – one for email, one for file management and one for a database application. Three servers sat in a room, all requiring power and all generating heat (great in the winter!). Three backups to carry out and of course, the original financial consideration is potentially three-times greater.

A far more cost effective and energy efficient way would be to have one more powerful server with three virtual servers meaning less up-front hardware costs and lower ongoing energy costs. In terms of the network and user perspective, they would still see the three servers and utilise and interact with them in exactly the same way. Generating less heat also puts less pressure on air conditioning. This would also save valuable space in smaller server room installations!

  • You save money – multiple servers running on one physical box.
  • You save energy – server hardware is not cheap to run and typically requires dedicated cooling. Less hardware – less energy consumed.
  • You save space – Servers generally take up a lot of space and the chances are that they are located in a special air-conditioned room. Virtualising these will save valuable space in server cabinets and racks.
  • Backup and Disaster recovery events are greatly improved – virtualised servers are easier to back up and restore and can be synchronised with servers on other sites. Restoring a virtual server to new hardware is much easier than configuring a new server and then restoring any data. The use of snapshots allows you to roll back should a problem ever occur.