Covid Preparedness

We can help you through the current situation.

Covid Preparedness

Logix has spent the last 10 months assisting businesses to enable reliable remote working so that SMEs can operate effectively during current lockdown restrictions. We can now assess, plan and enable most businesses to work from home with minimal expenditure.

In addition, we are currently able to provide outsourced Remote Desktop services (RDS / Terminal Services) where onsite licensing options are restrictive and cost-ineffective.

Services available are:

  • Laptop and desktop purchasing, configuration and delivery
  • Docking station solutions, external monitors, etc.
  • Safe onsite sanitisation of current equipment in readiness for despatch/collection
  • Broadband assessment, recommendation and if required ordering
  • Traffic shaping to ensure reliable communications with main offices
  • VPN and Remote access implementation and management
  • WiFi strengthening and reliability checking