IT Consultancy Services

Your success is our goal.

Success Inspired by Knowledge

If you have a business IT goal but are not sure on how to achieve it, Logix can guide you to success by applying expert knowledge and proven experience.

Occasionally, it is not obvious to see how and where a certain technology can fit in and help your organisation – Logix can act in an advisory capacity, providing clarity in a fast-moving market that presents many options, identifying the benefits of various IT solutions ensuring that it is delivered in the most cost-effective way.

Calling upon experience working with IT solution providers and partners in different sectors, we are acutely aware that every business has different aims and ambitions and fully appreciate that a “one size fits all” approach to IT consultancy is not realistic, which is why we tailor our consultancy service to your business needs for both the short and long term. From fixed-term one-off projects assisting internal company IT departments, to full infrastructure changes with ongoing support and services, for businesses large and small, we can help. We have even assisted in recruitment of our replacements!

A Tailored Approach

Initially, we identify the client needs and business requirements – these can be current issues or future goals the business wants to achieve. We then produce a structured proposal, associated budget and implementation plan.

For those clients who already have an IT strategy and know the direction their IT systems need to move in we can work in conjunction with an in house IT team, complimenting their skill set to ensure that the right solutions are selected and that any implementation deadlines are achieved with a view to having the maximum positive impact on the business, ensuring successful project or system implementation using formally recognised business analysis, system requirements, design and project management methodologies.

Supplier Tendering, Selection and Procurement

For larger projects that involves a substantial procurement or tendering process, we can work with you to understand the specific requirements, translating these into technical specifications ready for submission, identifying the best technologies and the most suitable service providers and assist in the interview and selection process. This ensures you receive the best and most cost-effective solution for your business.