The black box sitting under your desk 

PC or Personal Computer

PCs are are what most of us use on a daily basis for work or personal use. Most PCs today also have a network or Internet connection, as well as ports for connecting peripheral devices, such as digital cameras, printers, scanners, speakers, external hard drives, and other components.

Personal computers allow us to write papers, create spreadsheets, track our finances, play games, and do many other things. If a PC is connected to the Internet, it can be used to browse the Web, check e-mail, communicate with friends via instant messaging programs, and download files. PCs have become such an integral part of our lives that it can be difficult to imagine life without them!


We are partners with several PC manufactures, but not tied to them. We are able to source computers from the main distribution hubs which gives us the freedom to supply any brand available.

If you want a specific model or make, or just want a generic computer, we can help. We can upgrade existing computers or help make them faster.
Let us know what you require.